The village of Chénas is proud to be home to two of the most prestigious Beaujolais crus.....

The Moulin à Vent cru:

This cru, called the 'Seigneur du Beaujolais' ('Lord of the Beaujolais'), owes its name to the 15th century windmill situated on the hill called " les Thorins ". It was the first cru to be classified in 1924. The location extends over 650 hectares of granite soil, rich in manganese. The combination of this soil and the old grape variety (the gamay grape) create a robust wine, with floral and fruity scents (of faded roses, ripe fruits, and irises) and an intense colour which varies from dark ruby to garnet. The Moulin à Vent, produced for laying down, is one of the great wines of the World.

The Chénas cru :

Grown in the smallest area of the Beaujolais crus (260ha) adjoining the famous Moulin à Vent vineyard, Chénas is one of the rarest, but also one of the most charming of the Beaujolais wines. It is full-bodied, with a delicate taste and has fragrant scents of peonies and roses. Its lovely ruby colour makes it a delightful cru. It truly deserves the description which its growers give it - " a bouquet of flowers in a velvet basket ".
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