Le sentier des Crêtes et la Montagne des Chasseurs
(The crest path and the Hunter's Mountain)
Le Pic Rémont (The Rémont peak)
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Le Sentier des Crêtes (The crest path)
La Montagne des Chasseurs (The Hunter's Mountain)

The crest path developed from an idea put forward by the board of local collectivities in the Beaujeu region. It runs through 9 villages : Fleurie, Chénas, Juliénas, Jullié, Emeringes, Vauxrenard, Avenas, Chiroubles, and Villié-Morgon.
The route is illustrated throughout with a comic strip. There is also a puzzle which is impossible to solve without visiting all the villages. As far as Chénas is concerned, the objective is to climb to the site of the Cabane des Chasseurs (Hunters' Cabin) (where the Ordinance Survey point lies) by passing through the Old Village. One then has to find the remains of the old church. From the Cabane des Chasseurs vantage point, there is a magnificent panoramic view. The Cabane des Chasseurs was once a Chappe semaphore telegraph tower … This site is currently undergoing extensive repair in order to revitalise the Cabane. There is an orientation table at the summit to help you to admire the surrounding countryside. Picnic tables are at your disposal.
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